Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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Available Cavies   

This sales page is kept accurate and up to date. If you wish to purchase, please simply check back periodically.

~Last updated  January 13, 2018~


Fuzzibutt's Rabbits and Cavies are sold on a very limited, first come, first serve basis. We no longer have a Wait List.


Please Note: Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary is a Closed Rabbitry & Caviary. Visitors are NOT allowed to view our facility under any circumstances – Our cavies’ and rabbits' health and safety comes first. For this reason, a mutually agreed-upon location, or reputable transport must be organized for pick-up.


The preferred method of payment is PayPal, when using PayPal please use the "Friends & Family Option." In the comment section please state which animal, (description) and that you agree to the Terms of Sale. My PayPal address is the same email address that is listed on this website.

Transport options: Please note when you inquire about a cavy…it is your responsibility to look into transport. There are multiple groups on Facebook such as Silver Spoon Bunny Express, USA_Guinea Pig Transporters (sometimes they will transport rabbits if asked), Primified Stars Bunny Express, Rabbit Transport, Rabbit Transport and Relay Group, Rabbit Relay & Transportation as well as Dustibunni Rabbitry, and Tracy Livingtston just to name a few.  As more transport options become available we will post them here.

Please inquire (email) to see what we have available. 

We are slowly downsizing our Peruvian, Peruvian Satin and Silkie Cavies so please check back often and feel free to email us via our Contact Page or personal email. 

I evaluated a few more cavies in Peruvians, Peruvian Satin and Silkies that can be moved on NOW. So please let me know if you are interested in any of these. Many people are traveling over the holiday season and finding transport may be eaiser, hint, hint, hint. Please read our Terms of Sale on our website at www.fuzzibutts.com. Please private message me with any questions.

Over the course of the next few months, we may have more Silkies and Peruvians available once they deliver and pups are old enough to evaluate.

Photos are also posted on our Facebook Page under Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry and Caviary

Fuzzibutt's Drizzle is going to live in VA at the end of January and will be a herd sire. 

Peruvian Satin Golden Agouti boar

Eligible for ARBA Registration

Will be leaving in February to go live with Robin in NC. 

Dilute Roan Peruvian Boar

is going to live in VA at the end of January and will be a herd sire. 


Golden Agouti Sow

Inquiry has been made, pending deposit ...Mike B.

Peruvian Satin Dilute Sow

Inquiry has been made, pending deposit ...Mike B. 

Peruvian Dilute Boar

PEW Silkie Sow

PEW Silkie Boar

Golden Agouti Silkie