Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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Term of Transport Form

Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary Terms of Transport Form


Name of Seller:


Phone Number:

Name of Buyer:


Phone Number:

Name of Transporter:



Are they on Facebook so I can p.m. them when we arrive?

What day am I meeting them?

What location (exact address):

What time:

Rabbit's Tattoo #/Cavy's Tag #



Do they drink from a Bottle or Bowl

Food Provided Yes or No

Will I be transporting paper work such as pedigree, grand champion certificate or registration papers?

Terms of Transport

If your rabbit or cavy is being transported by a Third Party, FUZZIBUTT’S Rabbitry  (Melissa Deitrich) WILL NOT be responsible for the rabbit or cavy if it becomes injured or ill. A complete health inspection will be done before I (Melissa Deitrich) “officially” decided to transport your rabbit or cavy. At this time, the rabbit or cavy in question looks suspicious I WILL NOT TRANPORT IT! I will call the buyer immediately to let you know so you can make other plans.  This is because I do not know how the rabbit or cavy was handled and cared for. Nor, do I know if the rabbit or cavy was exposed to other rabbits or cavies that may or may not have been sick.  I will do everything in my power to properly care for your rabbit or cavy as it was my own (groom, feed, water, hay, supplement if needed, clip nails, handle daily, etc.).

When I am transporting rabbits and or cavies, I do EXPECT the new owner or other transporter to be prompt in picking up animals that were transported by me (Melissa Deitirch) at a time that is convenient for me. You may reach me at 302-670-9912 (text or phone call) [email protected] or via Face Book/Face Book Messenger.

Buyer Please sign this contract and email it back to me with your (OFFICAL) Hand Written Signature on it before _______________if I do not have this signed I WILL NOT TRANSPORT YOUR NEWLY PURCHASED ANIMAL.

BUYES SIGNATURE:_________________________________________ DATE:____________________________