Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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Achievements & Accomplishments with breeds of the past

6 Grand Champion Silkies

24 Registered Silkies

Multiple Best In Show and Reserve In Show Silkies *Youth*

2017 BOSB Youth National ACBA Silkie National show winner

This does not include our success in breeds we no longer work with  Harlequins, Checkered Giants, Giant Chinchilla, French Angora, Satin Angora, American Fuzzy Lop, Blanc de Hotot, Dwarf Hotot, English Lop, Flemish Giant, Florida White, French Lop, New Zealand, Lion Head, Silver, and Tans in rabbits. In Guinea Pigs we have had success over the years with Americans, American Satins, Silkies, Silkie Satins, Peruvians, Peruvian Satins and Texels, Teddies, Teddy Satins.