Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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~Last updated June 5, 2023~

As a prospective owner of a Fuzzibutt's rabbit or cavy it is YOUR responsibility to READ and AGREE to our Terms of Sale which are listed below.

By initiating contact with us regarding the purchase of an animal, you agree to and agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale, Sales Policy, listed on this page.  Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry  & Caviary has the right to back out of a sale at any time. Should we cancel the sale of the animal; the money paid will be refunded. If you, the buyer, decided to back out of a sale, all money received will be non-refundable.

I would love to continue the conversation! Feel free to reach out to us via email at  fuzzibuttsrabbitryandcaviary@gmail.com 

Please note we prefer to do everything via email. 

We are constantly evaluating our brood and show stock and offer them when the time comes to move them out to make room for the next Fuzzibutt's Generation. 

Types of Quality we offer, please note ALL our rabbits/cavies are available as pets without pedigrees at a discounted rate.

Pet Quality: Often my best pet rabbits/cavies are those who are being retired from breeding and showing. Other times I do have rabbits/cavies that have disqualifications. Any of our rabbits/cavies listed for sale, can be sold as a pet.  Our pet rabbit/cavies do not come with a pedigree, nor are they to be bred. However, if you would like a birth certificate, please let us know in advance. 

Show Prospects/Quality: Any rabbit/cavy that I would have no qualms about putting on a show table. This means that the rabbit/cavy has no disqualifications. Winning or placing is not guaranteed. Show Prospects will still have some faults to some degree.  Rabbits/cavies will come with full and complete pedigrees. Along with registration, grand champion certificates, show records, and legs if they have them. ***Additional fee will be applied for Show Prospects if being coated out, for pick up later***

Please see our page on the Coat Stages of Angoras. This will provide you with a basic understanding of care these breeds require. Please beware that our breeds DO REQUIRE Grooming. You should plan on purchasing good quality grooming tools:


Metal Comb

Slicker Brush

Force Dryer Preferably

Proper housing (we do not suggest solid bottom floors)

Quick Grooming Video of me grooming a Giant Angora: 


For the Guinea Pigs

Mental Comb

Bedding that will not become easily soiled.

Quick Grooming of a long-haired Guinea Pig by myself using Fuzzibutt's Origami Owl:


Now for the Nitty Gritty part of the Terms of Sale

Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% on any rabbit/cavy you desire to purchase unless other arrangements have been made. The balance will be due at the time of pick-up. I accept cash (preferred), if you need to pay a different way, please ask about other payment choices. Deposits are a measure of good faith that you, the Buyer, intend to purchase a rabbit or cavy. If for any reason, the Buyer is unable to meet their end of the purchase of this given rabbit, the seller, Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry, will retain 100% of the deposit monies. ***When placing a deposit on a rabbit/cavy please plan to decide ASAP. This means within a week or two! It does not make any sense to hold on to an animal for an extended period. Of course, we will care for it to the best of our ability, but it is expected arrangements will be made within two weeks. **** Or a boarding/grooming fee will be implemented.

Age: Rabbits will not sell before twelve weeks of age (12) as a pet or sixteen (16) weeks as a show prospect NO exceptions! Guinea Pigs will not be sold before (6) weeks of age as pets or (12) weeks as show prospects. 

Health:  All of our rabbits/cavies will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. By this I mean, I check inside the ears to make sure there is no ear canker. I check teeth to make sure there are no issues with malocclusion. Just the basic things other breeders check for. A Basic health inspection, (what most breeders deem) is checking eyes for discharge, teeth to make sure they are aligned properly, ears are clean, toenails clipped, the private area is clean, basic things, etc. We do, however, encourage the buyer to look over these things as well at the time of exchange. We will not sell any rabbit/cavy showing outward signs of infection, or any other visible illness. If the BUYER wants a "Health Exam" done by a licensed veterinarian YOU are responsible for the following fees up front: gas to and from the vet's office, tolls to and from, 1 FULL day’s pay (because the trip will be a minimum of 6 ours if no traffic and the vet can take us right in), Health Certificate Fee, Examine Fee by the Veterinarian. I am all most 3 hours one way from the veterinarian that I chose to use.

We VaccinateWe vaccinate for the prevention of Pasteurella. We use the BunnyVac vaccine which is USDA licensed for the prevention of Pasteurella infections in rabbits. Please note we DO NOT sell the vaccination that information can be found on the Pan American Veterinary Laboratories website. The vaccine is administered through a subcutaneous injection and is comprised of a 2-dose regimen with the second dose (booster) being delivered 30 days following the initial dose then yearly to maintain immunity. More information can be found here pavlab.com/pavlab/bunnyvac/ .  If you chose not to continue to vaccinate that is YOUR Choice and we are Okay with that. *We do this because we show* For the RHDV2 vaccination it must be administered by a veterinarian that has applied for special licensing privileges to administer this vaccine. The vaccine is administered through a subcutaneous injection and is comprised of a 2-dose regimen with the second dose being delivered 21 days following the initial dose. Then again yearly.  If you chose not to continue to vaccinate that is YOUR Choice and we are Okay with that. *We do this because we show. * For more information on the vaccine please visit Medgene Labs at medgenlabs.com/rhdv2-vaccine/ 


Teeth:  We NEVER breed animals that show any signs of malocclusion. We DO NOT guarantee against an animal that throws its teeth out from chewing on its cage. It is natural for rabbits/cavies to chew. Please give your rabbit/cavy something to chew on!

Fertility: Fertility is NOT guaranteed, as there are too many variables involved. This includes care, temperature, housing conditions, stress, etc. Please understand that every purchase is a potential gamble on Fertility. If a senior rabbit/cavy is not proven, it will be fully disclosed before the sale. Occasionally, we may sell bred rabbits/cavies to other breeders to help them get started in the fancy. If interested, please inquire.

Prevention of mites, fleas, and worms: We take pride in our healthy herd.  All of our rabbits and cavies are on Revolution, Ivermectin and or Advantage as a anti-parasite preventative for mites, fleas, etc. (since we show so much). We routinely worm our herds.

Weight: We DO NOT Guarantee that any of our Giant Angoras will make senior weight of 9.8 lbs. minimum for Senior Bucks and 10 lb. minimum for Senior Does. 

TRANSPORT By A THIRD PARTY: Please note when you inquire about a rabbit/cavy…it is your responsibility to investigate transport. There are multiple groups on Facebook that offer cross country or local transport.  Transport is a service offered by various people that pick the Bunny/Piggy up from the seller at a meeting/pick up location and transports them to a meeting/drop off location of the buyer. Please note I do not endorse anyone so please, please do your research. Once the animal leaves my possession, I am no longer responsible.  Remember to read over each individual transporter’s TERMS and CONDITIONS Remember to discuss payment with them beforehand regarding your transport. Ask them for references and CHECK them.

With our Summer Show season coming to an end for several of our guinea pigs (cavies) several will be looking for new digs. We do show during the summer occasionally, but the heat is always a factor! We will have several litters being born in June/July for our next show hopefuls for the fall show season.  

With that being said now is a good time to keep an eye on our website for upcoming piggies mainly in the Coronet breed.

Fuzzibutt's Mia
DOB: 3/9/2023 ready to go at minimum of 12 weeks of age which is June 1, 2023
Broken English Angora doe
Out of Fuzzibutt's Fraggle Rock -x- Fuzzibutt's Smurfette, Reg.


Siamese Sable

Junior Show prospect Buck. 

Photo coming soon 

Black Giant Angora Buck

Available to a pet/fiber home

Photo coming soon

Feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in one of our "Fuzzibutt's".  We can be reached at fuzzibuttsrabbitryandcaviary@gmail.com.  Please note we prefer to do everything via email.