Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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August 4, 2022

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We are always evaluating our herd and occasionally offer brood, pet or show prospects to approved homes.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal, to any person, at any time.

Just a gentle reminder to give credit where credit is due.
If you purchased something from me as a pet, brood or show cavy (Guinea Pig) be proud of it! I want you to, as I'm proud of the cavy (Guinea Pig) that I have sold you. 

No matter the purpose (pet/brood/show) please use my acronym as "Fuzzibutt's" and whatever name you decided on when posting on social media. Please give me the credit (if I am the breeder) and put the acronym in front of the name when announcing your win or just posting cute photos of your new pet. It's super easy. 

The acronym for any cavy (Guinea Pig) that comes out of my caviary that has been bred by me is "Fuzzibutt's ______". No matter the win, or the purpose of the piggy. 

I put a lot of time and energy into the quality of my stock (pet, brood and show) and therefore we both should be given credit. You as the new owner and myself as the breeder. 

Terms of Sale...By initiating contact with us regarding the purchase of an animal, you agree to and agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale, Sales Policy, listed on this page.  Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry  & Caviary has the right to back out of a sale at any time. Should we cancel the sale of the rabbit; the money paid will be refunded. If you, the buyer, decided to back out of a sale, all money received will be non-refundable.

Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% on any rabbit you desire to purchase unless other arrangements have been made. The balance will be due at the time of pick-up. If you are paying via PayPal, please add an additional 4% to the total of your rabbit or cavy. Deposits are a measure of good faith that you, the Buyer, intend to purchase a rabbit or cavy. If for any reason, the Buyer is unable to meet their end of the purchase of this given rabbit, the seller, Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry, will retain 100% of the deposit monies. Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry  & Caviary has the right to back out of a sale at any time. Should we cancel the sale of the cavy (Guinea Pigs); the money paid will be refunded. If you, the buyer, decided to back out of a sale, all money received will be non-refundable.

Age: Cavy (Guinea Pigs) will not sell before 6 weeks of age.  NO exceptions! 

Health: All of our cavy's  (Guinea Pigs) will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. We will examine the sex, look at the teeth, etc.  A complete health inspection will be encouraged by the seller [Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary] at the time of exchange. We will not sell any cavy  (Guinea Pigs) showing outward signs of infection, or any other visible illness.

All of our cavies  (Guinea Pigs) are on Revolution, Ivermectin and or Advantage as a anti-parasite preventative for mites, fleas, etc. (since we show so much). We routinely worm our herds.

Feed/Supplements: We are currently feeding our cavies (Guinea Pigs) Purina Show pellets with additional daily supplement of Vitamin C Crystals (1 tablespoon to a gallon of water) and  BlueGold® Grand Champion PME® (2 drops to a gallon of water) daily in their water bottles and emptied out the next day with fresh water.  All of our brood stock is supplemented with Oxy-gen Supplement pellets daily. Our show stock is supplemented with CircQlate in addition to pellets daily. We utilize the Immunize paste and pellets as needed.

-You must be prepared as the new owner to provided small amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that are high in Vitamin C at least a few times a week. The absence of Vitamin C or in insufficient amounts can lead to scurvy in your pig. Not only do we supplement with fresh fruits and vegetables we also add Vitamin C Crystals daily to their water. 

Teeth:  We NEVER breed animals that show any signs of malocclusion. We DO NOT guarantee against an animal that throws its teeth out from chewing on its cage. It is natural for cavies  (Guinea Pigs) to chew. Please give your cavy  (Guinea Pigs) something to chew on!

Fertility: Fertility is NOT guaranteed, as there are too many variables involved. This includes care, temperature, housing conditions, stress, etc. Please understand that every purchase is a potential gamble on Fertility. If a senior cavy  (Guinea Pigs) is not proven, it will be fully disclosed before the sale. Occasionally, we may sell bred cavies  (Guinea Pigs) to other breeders to help them get started in the fancy please inquire.

Brood ProspectsMeans that the cavies have strengths that could help in a breeding program. These cavies  (Guinea Pigs) will come with a pedigree (if the cavy  (Guinea Pigs) has a pedigree one will be provided). Along with registration, grand champion certificates, show records, and legs if they have them. 

Pet Quality: Often times my best pet cavy's  (Guinea Pigs) are those who are being retired from breeding and showing. Other times I do have cavies  (Guinea Pigs) that have disqualifications. Any of our cavy's (Guinea Pigs) listed for sale, can be sold as a pet.  Our Pet  cavy's (Guinea Pigs) are not sold without a pedigree, nor are they to be bred.

Show Prospects/Quality: Any  cavy (Guinea Pigs) that I would have no qualms about putting on a show table. This means that the cavy  (Guinea Pigs) has no disqualifications. Winning or placing is not guaranteed. Show Prospects will still have some faults to some degree. Cavies  (Guinea Pigs) may come with full or partial pedigree.  Along with registration, grand champion certificates, show records, and legs if they have them.***Additional fee will be applied for Show Prospects if being coated out (this fee will cover special bedding, grooming, wrapping, bathing, etc.). ******We Do NOT Guarantee that a cavy  (Guinea Pigs) will not chew itself or destroy its coat before you receive it! We DO NOT Guarantee Coat Care while the cavy  (Guinea Pigs) is in transport! Purchase with the knowledge these things are beyond our control. Animals are Animals! We will do all we can to keep the animal in coat and condition. No refund on the price of the animal or the additional fee for care will be refunded.

Cavy Housing: Our show stock is kept in separate solid bottom cages on horse stall pellets from Tractor Supply. Our brood stock is kept in 24X24 separate solid bottom cages and are kept on saw dust.

-Cavies enjoy the company of a same sex companion. All of our brood stock has a same sex cage mate. Our show stock is housed separately, once they retire, they will have a cage mate. 

Transport options: Please note when you inquire about a rabbi/cavy…it is your responsibility to look into transport. There are multiple groups on Facebook that offer cross country or local transport.

Terms of Transport  if I am Transporting for another breeder

Terms of Transport  By A Third Party (if you need transport from me)

*Brood or Pet Quality*
Fuzzibutt's Bexlie, Reg. Black Roan Coronet Sow just off a litter. Date of birth is 9/6/2020. Bexlie is out of G.C. Fuzzibutt's Stetson, Reg. -x- G.C. Fuzzibutt's Kick The Dust Up, Reg. 

Bexlie is Red/White/& Blue Registered which means both parents, grandparents, and great grandparents are American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) registered.

Bexlie will be ready for her new home after August 1, 2022

Facebook page:

*Pet Quality*
Left to Right...

Fuzzibutt's Do You Lilac It, Reg. Lilac Agouti with white tips and belly (LA) Coronet Sow was born 10/21/2021 out of Fuzzibutt's Dean, Reg. -x- Fuzzibutt's Sookie

Fuzzibutt's Ozzlyn, Reg. Born on 8/1/2018. Ozzlyn is a Golden Agouti Coronet sow out of 
Fuzzibutt's Oh' Pickles, Reg. -x- Fuzzibutt's Heatwave, Reg.

Ozzlyn is Red/White Registered which means both parents, and  grandparents are American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) registered.

These sows are both coming off-liters. They are a bonded pair and must travel with one another. They will be ready to go after August 1, 2022

On Hold for Joan in Delaware 

*Pet Quality*  Ready after August 9, 2022

Lilac Agouti Boar that is out of two of my Coronets. He popped up in the litter with super duper wavy coat, so unfortunately he can not be shown. I would classify him as Merino guinea pig.

Although, I have bred his sire, dam, grandparents and great grandparents all of whom are Coronets. Genetics can play tricks and allow things to pop up even with careful selection. So this means somewhere on either the sires side or the dams side is hiding the Merino gene that produces the wavy coat. 

He was born on 6/21/2022 and is out of Fuzzibutt's Kemen, Reg. -x- Fuzzibutt's Accented Hues, Reg. 

On HOLD for Callie in Delaware

*Pet Quality*  Ready after August 9, 2022

Fuzzibutt's (no name) Black Roan (roan is on the belly but not enough roaming) Coronet Boar was born on 6/16/2022. 

Out of Fuzzibutt's Bodhi, Reg. -x- Fuzzibutt's Annora, Reg.

Facebook Page: 
Lilac Agouti with white tip
Silkie Sow (out of two Coronets so she is  NOT eligible to be ARBA Registered). However, she is show quality if you wanted to coat her out and show her.

Born 6/21/2022 

Ready to go After August 9 

I do have several show prospects who may be available if you are interested in showing Coronets. I will be happy to provided photos and videos of availability. 

If you are interested in a Coronet Guinea Pig please inquire via our Contact Us Page. We may be able to part with something we were not planning to. Occasionally we have show prospects/quality available.