Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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~Last updated October 24, 2021~

Available Rabbits 

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Occasionally, we may have English Angoras, Giant Angoras, Himalayans, Mini Rex, and Rex Rabbits for sale to approved homes.  We reserve the right to refuse the sale of any animal, to any person, at any time, and for any reason.  

By initiating contact with us regarding the purchase of an animal, you agree to and agree to be bound by our Terms of Sale Sales Policy, located on this page.

By inquiring and or purchasing a rabbit from Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary you are agreeing to our Terms of Sale listed below.

This sales page is kept accurate and up to date. If you do not see what you are looking for, please simply check back periodically. Fuzzibutt's Rabbits are sold on a very limited, first come, first serve basis. We no longer have a Wait List. In the meantime, feel free to email us about what you may be looking for. Please email us to see what we may be able to part with. Since we do not usually sell our rabbits, when we do offer them for sale...they go fast. We might be willing to sell rabbits not listed "For Sale.” E-mail us to inquire. Please note we breed for ourselves first, occasionally we offer rabbits to others. This can include brood, fiber, pet or show stock. We are very selective in who we sell to.

Breeding rabbits is both an art and a science - knowing what combinations will give you the correct body type, size and coat/wool.  I am always studying pedigrees and body types not to mention coat/wool quality such as texture & density to further my bloodlines, researching to see where the next 'star' might come from.  This is where the 'fun' of breeding angoras. 

Please Note: Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry & Caviary is a Closed Rabbitry & Caviary. Visitors are NOT allowed to view our facility under any circumstances – Our cavies’ and rabbits' health and safety comes first. For this reason, a mutually agreed-upon location, or reputable transport must be organized for pick-up.


The preferred method of payment is PayPal, when using PayPal please use the "Friends & Family Option." In the comment section please state which animal, (description) and that you agree to the Terms of Sale. My PayPal address is the same email address that is listed on this website.

We require a non-refundable deposit of 50% on any rabbit you desire to purchase unless other arrangements have been made. The balance will be due at the time of pick-up. If you are paying via PayPal, please add an additional 4% to the total of your rabbit or cavy.

Deposits are a measure of good faith that you, the Buyer, intend to purchase a rabbit or cavy. If for any reason, the Buyer is unable to meet their end of the purchase of this given rabbit, the seller, Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry, will retain 100% of the deposit monies. 

Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry  & Caviary has the right to back out of a sale at any time. Should we cancel the sale of the rabbit; the money paid will be refunded. If you, the buyer, decided to back out of a sale, all money received will be non-refundable.

We are always glad to help our fellow youth get started off on the right foot. However, if you are purchasing a rabbit from us, please be advised we need to have your parent’s permission first. Two ways, a written note, or a telephone call (between your parent and me) can accomplish this.

Terms of Sale

When inquiring about a cavy or rabbit that is available ...it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of our Terms of Sale! *These Terms of Sale are strictly enforced.*


 Rabbits will not sold before twelve weeks of age (12) as a pet or sixteen (16) weeks as a show prospect NO exceptions! 


All of our rabbits will be healthy to the best of our knowledge at the time of sale. We check inside the ears to make sure there is no ear canker. We check teeth to make sure there are no issues with malocclusion . We do not take our rabbits to a vet unless it is a medical emergency. A complete health inspection will be encouraged by the seller [Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary] at the time of exchange. We will not sell any rabbit showing outward signs of infection, or any other visible illness. 

We take pride in our healthy herd.  All of our rabbits and cavies are on Revolution, Ivermectin and or Advantage as a anti-parasite preventative for mites, fleas, etc. (since we show so much). We routinely worm our herds.


We are currently feeding our rabbits Purina Show Formula.  Mixed with Horse Sweet Feed, Rolled Oats, as well as apples, parsley, cucumbers and Whole Wheat Bread a few times a week.


All of our brood stock is supplemented with Oxy-gen pellets daily . Our show stock is supplemented with CircQlate daily. We utilized the Immunize paste and pellets as needed. There water bottles and emptied out the next day with fresh water.  


We NEVER breed animals that show any signs of malocclusion. We DO NOT guarantee against an animal that throws its teeth out from chewing on its cage. It is natural for rabbits to chew. Please give your rabbit something to chew on!


Fertility is NOT guaranteed, as there are too many variables involved. This includes care, temperature, housing conditions, stress, etc. Please understand that every purchase is a potential gamble on Fertility. If a senior rabbit is not proven, it will be fully disclosed before the sale. Occasionally, we may sell bred rabbits to other breeders to help them get started in the fancy please inquire.

Brood/Show Prospects:

Occasionally, I may part with a rabbit that would benefit someone’s lines. Feel free to ask, if you think we have something you are looking for. Please do not be offended if we decline the sale of a rabbit.  I have quite a few brood quality rabbits’ that will be for sale now and then. These rabbits’ have contributed significantly to my breeding program, so don’t rule them out. They may still be show prospects. “Brood Quality” means that the rabbits have strengths that could help in a breeding program. These rabbits will come with a pedigree. Along with registration, grand champion certificates, show records, and legs if they have them. All of our brood stock is supplemented with Oxy-gen pellets daily.

Pet Quality:

Often times my best pet rabbit  are those who are being retired from breeding and showing. Other times I do have rabbits  that have disqualifications. Any of our rabbits listed for sale, can be sold as a pet.  Our Pet rabbit are not sold with a pedigree, nor are they to be bred.

Show Prospects/Quality:

Any rabbit that I would have no qualms about putting on a show table. This means that the rabbit has no disqualifications and several strength is that would make the rabbit competitive. Winning or placing is not guaranteed. Show Prospects will still have some faults to some degree.  Rabbits will come with full and complete pedigrees. Along with registration, grand champion certificates, show records, and legs if they have them. Our show stock is supplemented with CircQlate pellets daily.

Rabbit Housing:

Our show stock is kept in 36X24 cages with plenty of room to move with their large show coats. Our brood (clipped down) resided in 24X24 cages and or 30X30 cages.

Photos and descriptions are  posted on our Facebook Page, MeWe as well as Instagram 

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Fuzzibtts/?tsid=0.524892172663008&source=results



Transport options: Please note when you inquire about a rabbit…it is your responsibility to look into transport. There are multiple groups on Facebook that offer cross country or local transport.

Occasionally English Angoras, Giant Angoras, and Himalayas

Fiber/Pet/Brood and Show Stock available at times 

We are always evaluating our rabbits to further our specific goals within the our chosen breeds. We update our page when we have something we can part with so check back with us often and send us a message via our Contact Page.

If you are looking for a particular breed that we work with feel free to inquire about availability. Sometimes we do not have time to take photos and post them here.  Please inquire via our Contact Us Page if you are interested in any of our Giant Angoras. We may be able to part with something to meet your needs (a loving pet, excellent wool/fiber producer, brood animal or your next show animal.


This is a photo of a junior Giant Angora growing Wool 


This is a photo of a Giant Angora in coat! Please understand that this breed is a fiber bunny and needs weekly grooming and clipping down periodically for the health and safety of the rabbit. 


This is a photo of a Giant Angora who was recently clipped down! Please understand that this breed is a fiber bunny and needs weekly grooming and clipping down periodically for the health and safety of the rabbit. 


This is a photo of a Giant Angora who was recently clipped down! Please understand that this breed is a fiber bunny and needs weekly grooming and clipping down periodically for the health and safety of the rabbit. 

Available Giant Angoras

We have 5 Bucks and 3 Does currently available for brood, fiber, pet, or show homes.