Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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Grand Champion Coronets

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Mulan, Reg. #188

Broken Red/White Coronet Sow

9 Grand Champion Legs

Out of Registered parents.

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Monkey In The Tree, Reg. #116

Golden Agouti Coronet Boar

7 Grand Champion Legs

Out of Registered Parents.

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Piccadilly,  Reg. #115

Golden Agouti Coronet Sow

BOSV at the 2015 ACBA National Show in Ohio

Multi Best of Breed winner

8 Grand Champion Legs

Out of Registered parents.

Officially retired 6/21/15

Grand Champion Paint By Numbers, Reg. # 501

Tri Roan Boar

Multi Best  of Breed Winner

Multi Honorable Mentions for RIS/BIS

10 Grand Champion Legs

Officially retired 10/26/15

G.C. Fuzzibutt's Kick The Dust Up, Reg. # 424

G.C. Fuzzibutt's Stetson, Reg. #421

G.C. Fuzzibutt's Milk Chocolate, Reg. # 12164

G.C. Fuzzibutt's Fiddle Faddle, Reg. # 455

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Sangria, Reg. # 425 

Grand Champion  Fuzzibutt's Mosaic, Reg. #22398 

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Skip To My Lou, Reg. #917

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Sherbert, Reg. # 926

Grand Champion Fuzzibutt's Splash Of Color, Reg. # 866