Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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We participate in the American Rabbit Breeders Association Registration and Grand Champion process when our rabbits meet the specific criteria. One of our goals is to obtain the Gold Star Registration which means all of the animals on the 3-generation pedigree are both ARBA Registered and Granded. 

For more information on this process, the criteria, certification ,etc. please visit www.arba.net/registars/      www.arba.net/for-registars/

Long Term Goals...Is to qualify for the following Prestigious Awards from the American Rabbit Breeders Association

-Master Exhibitor

-Grand Master Exhibitor

-Master Breeder

-Supreme Master Breeder

For more information on this process, the criteria, etc. please visit www.arba.net/master-breeder/

Fuzzibutt's Bad Heir Day, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's Model Mayhem, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's Dixie Chick, Reg.

Fuzzibutt'ss Can I Get A Beep, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's /Bri's Hoodwink, Reg.

Heart Felt Hare My Dear Watson, Reg.

Alex's Angora Acres Dr. Teeth, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's Fun N Flavor, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's P.B. & J, Reg.

Silvertone Makes Me Blush, Reg.

Bri's/Fuzzibutt's Pom-Pom, Reg.

Shepherds Barney, Reg.

G.C. Fuzzibutt's Kristoff, Reg.

G.C. Bri's Chloe, Reg.

Fuzzibutt's Thalia, Reg.