Fuzzibutt's Rabbitry, Reg.

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Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary is located in Delaware (the first state).  This is our beloved hobby, which includes showing nationally competitive rabbits and cavies as often as time allows. We travel to shows mainly in the Mid-Atlantic Region as well as the Southeast.  We enjoy traveling to different states and meeting like-minded individuals.

In Guinea Pigs aka Cavies we exclusively work with the Coronet breed. In rabbits, our focus is on the English Angora & Giant Angora breeds and their preservation of their unique breed characteristics such as body type and wool/fiber.

Due to our small-scale breeding program, we do not have animals for sale on a regular basis.  Please check out the "Available Rabbit" and "Available Guinea Pigs (Cavy) pages" for any animals that might be available. 

I hold dual memberships with the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) and the American Cavy Breeders Association (ACBA). I (Melissa) am a DUAL licensed Rabbit and Cavy Registrar for the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA). Please contact us if you would like your rabbit or cavy evaluated.  Congratulations to Melissa on passing her Cavy Judge's Exam. Now all she needs to do is find cavy shows to work her assist then she will be the 1st Cavy Judge in Delaware!

Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary is VERY small. We only breed our does (rabbits) and sows (cavies) once or twice per year and do not plan on expanding past that, we breed for OURSELVES first! We have very strict standards when it comes to selecting rabbits and cavies for show and even stricter standards when it comes to finding great and loving homes that included fiber, pet and retirement homes. We are NEVER in a hurry to move out show prospects. In fact, we prefer to hold on to them as long as possible so we can properly evaluate them for their true potential as a show or brood animal. By following the standards that Fuzzibutt’s Rabbitry & Caviary have set, it allows us to evaluate our rabbits and cavies while giving each animal the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

We believe that all rabbits and cavies should have a name and treat them like members of the family. We try to treat all of our rabbits and cavies with dignity and respect. We have a running joke here that goes something like this and “once a baby has a name it usually finds a home here permanently.”  We pride ourselves on being a small rabbitry and caviary, where we can still give all of our rabbit and piggy’s treats such as carrots or a piece of apple at night. All of our critters, both angora and cavy, are given lots of attention multiple times a day. Our four legged kids thrive on personalized attention. From time to time, we may have stock available to qualified pet/fiber or show homes.

We have rabbits and cavies living in Canada, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, as well as the United States. 

Make sure you are following all my social medias (Facebook and Instagram), because I always keep them updated and share adorable pictures/videos, many of which never appear on my website or blog! 

If you are looking for a particular breed that we work with feel free to inquire about availability. Sometimes we do not have time to take photos and post them here.  Please inquire via our Contact Us Page if you are interested in any of our Giant Angoras or one of our Coronet Guinea Pigs. We may be able to part with something to meet your needs (a loving pet, excellent wool/fiber producer, brood animal or your next show animal.

Since we started in this hobby of breeding and exhibiting nationally Competitive cavies and rabbits we have accomplished ...

25 Grand Champion Giant Angoras

1 BOSB Giant Angora at the Texas Convention

1 BOB and Best In Wool Giant Angora at the National show in NY (2012)

1 BOSB Giant Angora at the MARCS National Rabbit & Cavy Exposition Convention Show (on-line) 2020

1 BOB Giant Angora at the National show in Iowa (2016)

Multiple Best In Show and Reserve In Show Giant Angoras

To date 34 Registered Giant Angoras

9 Grand Champion Coronets

84 Registered Coronets

Multiple Best In Show and Reserve In Show Coronets

We are currently making plans to attend the following Prestigious National Specialty Shows:  

*2022 99th ARBA Convention in Reno, Nevada

*2022 April 23-24 National Angora Rabbit Breeders National Show in Iowa

*2022 American Cavy Breeders Association National Show in Texas 

*2023 100th ARBA Convention in Louisville, KY

*2023 Angora Nationals will be in  Cheyenne, Wyoming*


~Last updated January 26, 2022~